No Regrets; My journey through the Eastern Mediterranean.

My story, this time, is of my travels in the Middle East.  It is a download of the blogs that I wrote most every day of my 7 week trip.  In many cases I wrote as I travelled and thus the tense changed depending on when I was writing.  Don’t expect literary masterpiece; this is a story of MY travels and lets me re-live my trip over and over again.  I wrote mainly to keep my family in touch with what I was up to. 


For me a trip is not about what I have seen but about what I have experienced, tasted, smelled, watched and heard so therefore it is a very personal story, probably saying as much about me as it does about the experiences.  Editing the story and correcting the grammar will detract from the expression of my feelings at the time I was writing, so like all of these books don't expect much more than travel, flavours, idiocyncracies, history and culture.