From a child growing up in small town New Zealand, the parents of Greek restaurant owners, food has always played a  major role in my life.  One of my first memories was of longing to have jam sandwiches for lunch like all my kiwi school mates.  I used to have keftedes, macaronia and kota.  Oh! how I wanted to be like the other kids in all sorts of ways and of course, to have a jam sandwich lunch.


As I grew up that yearning for foods, other than the Greek cuisine served at home, grew.  Despite a busy career, culminating as a process improvement consultant in the Insurance Industry I still kept in touch with my passion for food, finding any excuse to cook for a house full of people.  My lifestyle changed, I travelled, I changed careers, I got married and the love for food remained a constant.  Fortunately, my husband was a foodie as well and he encouraged me to entertain, cater, invent and write.  We would spend hours in supermarkets of a night-time planning the next dinner party and checking out the freshness of the ingredients deciding on the menu only once we had procured the freshest produce.  Nothing pre-packaged here; everything cooked from scratch and low fat, low salt were the preferred options.

Today the world and foods of the world have opened up to everyone.  We travel at the drop of a hat and have the opportunity to follow new cultures through their food.  I am hooked would love to be able to spend more time cooking but if I am not in the kitchen I am reading, reading recipes, about food technology, cooking trends, cultural responses and traditions around food while my mind wanders and imagines the next country I will visit and what morsels I will find in the backstreets and lane ways.  

My travel blogs and books give an insight to the way my travels have incorporated the flavours of a country.  Even when at home I love to host travellers at my AirBnB where I get to learn more about the cultures of other countries and often get to cook with my guests.   The recipes from many of those guests are slowly being collected amd will form the basis of a future book.


Enjoy and feel free to share my stories but please ensure that the appropriate credits are included along with the story.