MY BLOGS - often written in the heat of the moment as I travel so unedited - expect typo's and grammatical errors, but I can guarantee that the passion and flavours will prevail.

They say that once you have been to Africa you have that call to keep going back.  Well here I am again, this time exploring Gorillas, highland villages and the people, a bit of West Africa and fulfilling my long standing ambition to visit the Okavango Delta.  

Last year's trip to Mexico whetted my appetite for the Spanish language, the dancing in the streets, the amazing food and the friendly happy people. So here I am off to South America to spend the first of my NZ Superannuation payments.

Hola from Mexico - a spur of the moment trip with no idea of what I was in for turned out to to take me to the most magical of places.  Stunning Mexico City that captivated me, beautiful Oaxaca where I danced in the street and gorgeous Puebla where I had THE best meal, Posole..

Mouthwatering Morsels - thoughts, recipes, opinions, restaurant reviews, cooking tips or just stuff.  The sort of stuff that runs through my mind when I am thinking what I am going to cook next. This blog will constantly be updated so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed on the blog page to get the updates.

Top of the Bucket List - most of the items at the top of my bucket list have some connection with the Middle East and as time goes by it is becoming increasingly difficult to get to some of the Middle Eastern countries.   On this trip I spend a few days in Greece, much time in my new favourite city Istanbul, two weeks in glorious Iran and another two weeks in Israel.  Contrasts everywhere, history beyond comprehension, food to die for and everywhere beautiful hospitable people.

Laotian Wedding - when my step-daughter told me she was getting married in Lao PDR I couldn't wait to get there, not only to help her where I was able, but to use it as an excuse to see some of Asia.  Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Lao PDR were all vastly different and each had their unique charms and flavours; 2 months of wonderment and exploration.

Working through the Bucket List - my trip through Tanzania (Zanzibar, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater) and then to Kenya where I worked with the wildlife on a research project at Naboisho Conservancy on the edge of the Maasai Mara and experiencing the GPS collaring of a wild lion, seeing the amazing migration with 100's of thousands of wildebeest and zebra crossing the river back to Tanzania.  My blog tries to describe the experience but it was all to midblowing to appreciate unless you were there.