Africa; revisisted

One of the items high on my bucket list was to go back to Africa, to see if I could surpass the experience I had with my first trip to South Africa, where I not only did all the usual sightseeing but had a safari experience that even blew the rangers away.  Could it get any better?


I knew that doing another safari was not going to come close to bettering the past experience so had to do something different.  I wanted to go off the beaten track and explore other countries; I wanted to see and experience animals and I wanted to see and experience the people.


After months of research and planning I embarked on a holiday that would hopefully tick them all off.  An action packed month away was planned.


My daily blogs were the main focus of my “me” time on my trip.  There were so many stories to write about; the GPS collaring of a wild lion - far more complex, involved and amazing than you can comprehend, seeing a smidgeon of the great migration with 100,000's of wildebeest and zebra crossing the river back to the Serengeti, living in basic housing with a bunch of amazing people and even sitting on the longdrop in the darkness with the door wide open in case a lion was lurking and I didn't want to be surprised when on opening the door it was outside.


This story  is straight from the blogs I wrote whilst in my shared room at night (electricitry to charge the camera, ipad and lights permitted.)